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Alfa Mar 2017 – The Numbered Sheep

From last years largest party to one of the smallest, just eight of us departed from Waterlooville at 2.30am to make our way to Gatwick North Terminal.  A very easy check in and our flight left on time, with support from a very strong tailwind we arrived in Faro around 20 minutes ahead of schedule.  We had a bit of a wait for our transport but it arrived eventually to take us to the hotel.  New staff on reception, we had a very quick check in and for the first time ever, all our villas were ready to move in to!  Once we were settled we walked up to the village for a few essential supplies and a bite to eat.  One scary moment when Beth discovered her purse was missing.  Beth retraced her steps and luckily found it, good job it was a pink one, it was very easy to spot.  After a short break it was time for the days training session with Mary’s group on the track and my group doing the cliff top run.  In the evening we dined at the pizza restaurant where we were all given a complimentary ice cream.  We then went back to the villas for an early night.

After a good nights sleep it was time for a good breakfast before the first training session of the day.  Both groups were down at the track for the morning session.  Good sessions from both groups led to a lunch break and a rest before the afternoon session.  My group were back down at the track and Marys group had an indoor pool session.  In the evening we dined at the Chinese restaurant, keeping an eye on the Sutton v Arsenal game, shame about the result!


Tuesday turned out to be the warmest day so far.  After breakfast and a short break it was time for the first session of the day.  Mary’s group were down at the track and mine were on the cross country course for a time trial.  The course was quite busy, certainly a lot busier than the track.  After lunch both groups went down to the track for the second session of the day.  The boys newly purchased football didn’t last long, the stitching came apart in next to no time – bad footballing skills or bad workmanship?  In the evening we dined at the Flor D Mar restaurant where the desserts were so solid we had to put them in the microwave (unless you had a sharp spoon).

Wednesday and the sunshine continued!  After breakfast we walked over to Villamoura for a look round the marina and shops, stopping off for lunch before making our way back to the hotel along the beach.  On the way we passed the numbered sheep (ask Beth).  Just the one training session with Marys group down at the track and my group doing a hill session on the grass next to the hotel.  In the evening we were back at the Pizza restaurant where again we were given a complimentary ice cream after our main meal.


A slightly overcast start to the day but the weather got better as the day progressed.  Both groups were training at the track in the morning.  After the session we went down to the café for a spot of lunch and unfortunately on the way back Mary stumbled and fell, cutting her head and badly bruising ribs and knees.  Fortunately, the cleaning ladies were on hand and rushed out armed with towels, tissues and ice.  One of them even came out with a bowl of water so Mary could wash her hands.  One of the track staff was also on hand and rang the ambulance for us and offered to stay with Mary until it came.  The paramedics decided she should go to the hospital in Faro so Beth accompanied her in the ambulance.  Fortunately, no bones were broken and Beth and Mary returned from the hospital in a taxi.  For the afternoon session my group had a beach run whilst Mary’s group had a session in the indoor pool.  We had our evening meal in the Chinese restaurant, Mary was unable to make the walk to the village so she and Annika dined at the hotel.


Friday was a day of rest from training and after breakfast we caught the bus into Albufeira.  Mary stayed behind to recuperate and to collect her prescription from the chemist.  The day proved to be the hottest of the week.  After a spot of shopping we met up for lunch in one of the towns many restaurants.  After lunch we walked back up the hill to catch the bus back to the hotel.  We popped in to see Mary on our return and noticed a remarked improvement after taking her prescription medicine.  In the evening we returned to the Flor D Mar restaurant.

A slightly cloudy day but still warm enough for the beach session.  A very good session from everyone, especially well done to one man team Matteo.  After the session it was time for the traditional mass jump into the outdoor pool.  As always an enjoyable tradition and as last year they insisted on doing it again.  The afternoon competition was sand sculpture and fortunately Mary was well enough to come down and judge, picking the girls as the winning team.  In the evening we all made it to the Pizza restaurant for the presentation evening, the awards are listed at the end of this report.  The nightly quiz proved very close with just half a point between first and second.


A late flight back meant that we could fit in another training session.  Apart from Brookie everyone did the cliff top run.  Brookie joined me for a session on the cliff tops.  After the session it was time for a quick shower then finish packing and take our luggage up to the hotel.  This year all the villas were fully booked so we were unable to keep one for the rest of the day.  We took our lunch in the local café and then spent a relaxing day around the hotel,  One slight problem at the airport, Matteo’s seat had been double booked and he was put on standby.  They did allow him through passport control and then said he would have to wait at the departure gate to see if a seat became available.  We said that we would not go without him as he was too young to be left on his own.  Fortunately, a lady on the flight offered to stand down so that Matteo could board (she did get 400 euro’s as compensation).  We didn’t have to wait too long at Gatwick and managed to find our minibus and arrived back at Jenny’s just after 1.30am.

Thanks to everyone for their company, a very enjoyable week, I hope you all had a good week and reap the benefits of your training.  Plans for next year will start around the beginning of April, athletes are selected for this week, it is not open to anyone but basically you must train and compete on a regular basis and be over 15 years of age.


Awards for the week were as follows:

Algarve Quiz Champion                 Matteo Berogna

Diva of the week                              Mary Goater

Footballer of the week                    Matteo Berogna

Florence Nightingale of the week    Beth Sherrell

Iron Man of the week                       Barnaby Riste-Smith

Athlete of the week                          Annika Loh

Gourmet of the week                       Brooklyn Brown

Wit of the week                                 Jenny Rorke